Team E.qir is a team that is specialized in educating horses from unbroken to the highest international level.

It all started with the rider and founder Roine Carlsson who has tha magic feeling with the young horses. Since 2019 the fantastic Finish rider Emma Broönda joined the team, she came with the experience from 5* Grand Prix and World Cup. With this combination of riders we are able to be on top all the way in the showjumping buisness.

Emma is a well known name in the sport because of the fantastic feeling for every horse and the fighting spirit. She have the strength in making every horse fight together with her.

Roine is a rider who have a big talent in preparing the horses in the flatwork, we still dont really know what he does but it´s something that we never seen

The combination of these two riders makes the strength of this team. It makes us have the possibility to cover the education from braking in to World Cup.
For proving this the team have managed together with results from Champion of the Youngsters, CSIYO, Falsterbo Scandinavian Open, CSI5* and World Cup.

We are always looking for talented young horses with a big potential in the sport.